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While ESKA METAL manages its resources and activities, it prefers environmentally friendly and the most accurate ways possible.


Our company, which aims to increase the quality of life by using natural resources in the most efficient way; It will continuously improve its environmental management performance by minimizing all kinds of environmental and social impacts arising from its activities.


In our factory, which is on the way to realize "GREEN Production" for a sustainable and open to development future, new opportunities in the fields of waste reduction, energy efficiency, reuse and recycling of materials by taking measures to minimize the possible negative effects of all our activities on the environment, by showing a total quality approach. Creating is the main element of our Environmental Policy.


In this direction, the "Environmental Management System" is periodically reviewed according to changing conditions, and our performance criteria are constantly increased.


ESKA METAL manages programs aimed at minimizing resource use and is committed to coordinating efforts aimed at producing more environmentally friendly services.


Our company has an environmental management system developed in order to systematically reduce and, if possible, eliminate the damages that may be caused to the environment as a result of its activities.

Global Production Capacity

ESKA METAL, as an environmentally sensitive company operating in the metal sector, has aimed to protect and increase the quality of life of its employees and customers with its environmental policy.

Technological Approach

Our company's environmental management system aims to be "green production", by determining environmental factors at every stage from designing the service to presenting it to the customer, minimizing the damage to the environment by taking these factors under necessary controls, and continuously improving environmental performance.

Comprehensive Solutions

It manages programs aimed at minimizing waste and complying with legal regulations within the scope of Environmental Management System IS0 14001 and in line with the laws of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Approaching the Future

İnsanların yaşamlarını iyi bir düzeyde sürdürebilmeleri için gereksinim duydukları doğal kaynakları yenilenebilir şekilde kullanmaları gerekliliğinin ve sorumluluğunun bilinciyle, doğal kaynakların optimum kullanımı ve çevre kirliliğinin minimize edilmesi adına çalışmaları yapmaktadır.