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Titanium Zinc Turkey Distributor and Authorized Applicator…

RHEINZINK is the company of the German GRILLO Group, founded in 1842, that produces titanium and copper alloy zinc for roof and facade coatings. It is the only manufacturer in the world that can produce the zinc-specific natural patina surface with the prePATINA series without using any coating, paint or phosphating on it.

Regional Distributor of SIKA Construction Chemicals Products…

Ravaber Rockwool sales and application dealership…

Rock wool; It is a thermal insulation material containing 97% natural fiber, formed by melting the mineral and inorganic stones obtained from the volcanic rocks found in nature between 1400-1500 degrees and turning into fibers.

Dealership of light roofing and under-tile sheets…

Founded in the 1940s, Onduline Group is the world's first manufacturer of lightweight roofing and under-tile sheets. "Bitumen" and organic fibers form the basis of most of the products in the product range of Onduline Avrasya, which manufactures and markets roofing, roofing and foundation insulation materials.

ESKA Metal Takes Firm Steps To Become A World Brand Roof and facade operations in almost every province of Turkey

Apart from Turkey, it has signed many roof and front projects in countries such as Iraq, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Russia. We are constantly in action for new projects from the same countries as well as new roofing, especially in seam roof, trapezoidal roof, interlocking roofs. Eska Metal company takes firm steps forward to become a world brand in this field.

ESKA Metal Provides Services to Turkey and Neighboring Countries Solutions produced using modern systems

In order to increase our service quality, we continue our service with safe and sure steps in the roofing and insulation sector of industrial buildings, reflecting our 15 years of experience to our production with mobile cranes, hydraulic scissors scaffolding, 20 technical personnel, 22 administrative personnel and a total of 350 employees we support with telehands.