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Job Security First

The Occupational Health and Safety Policy we have adopted as ESKA METAL is based on respect for people and the environment they live in. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is the first priority in every field in which ESKA Metal operates, and it expresses this understanding with the motto "Occupational Safety First". Everyone is obliged to do what is necessary within the limits of their authority in order to provide a safe and healthy working environment.


As ESKA METAL, one of our most important goals is to prevent all damages to our employees, customers, business partners, 3rd parties and all kinds of equipment, in our activities and services in all our work areas, against the possible risks of our business line, as the basis of our occupational health and safety policy.

Job Security First

ESKA Metal considers and expresses Occupational Health and Safety as the first priority in every field in which it operates.

Holistic Approach

Despite the possible risks of our line of business, the prevention of possible risks to our employees, customers, business partners and third parties in all our fields of work forms the basis of our occupational health and safety policy.

Competent Workforce

Eska Metal acts knowing that safe activities are not only associated with technical equipment, healthy facilities and equipment, but also with a competent workforce and active OHS culture.

The basis of ESKA METAL's OHS Policy is to take measures against the risks that may be encountered and act in line with its targets.

To be a constant follower of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System by identifying hazards and evaluating risks during our activities,

Being aware that all parties working on behalf of ESKA METAL may affect our reputation, to establish an audit mechanism to ensure that the management systems they will establish are equivalent to our OHS policy,

To organize trainings and meetings in order to ensure that the OHS Policies and targets are understood, implemented and kept on the agenda,

Adopting the principle that Occupational Health and Safety improvement activities are the common responsibility of all employees,

To work in accordance with all OHS legislation (Laws and Regulations) in force, defined within the laws of Turkey,

To monitor the OHS Performance regularly, to continuously improve it and to notify our employees, senior management and customers,

Maintaining the trust of the society in the integrity of our activities, reporting our performance clearly, and regularly consulting with internal and external institutions and organizations related to the activities of our Company in order to better understand the Health, Safety and Environment issues,

To take all kinds of measures in accordance with other requirements related to OHS, to have tools and Personal Protective Equipment, to ensure that they are used when necessary,

To work to create a safe working environment that will protect ourselves, our assets and our business against the risks of loss, accident or damage that may arise from criminal or malicious activities,

To raise the OHS culture to the highest level by providing training to all our employees, business partners, interns, visitors and third parties in our factory, by ensuring that they are informed about occupational health and safety rules and practices,

To identify all risks that may affect our employees, customers and visitors during our activities and to take the necessary precautions,

Committed to achieving the sustainable goal of "Zero Occupational Accident" by continuously improving our occupational health and safety culture,

To apply the best OHS practices accepted in international standards to our work areas, to ensure that the subcontractors and visitors serving in our factory and construction sites comply with the rules regarding occupational health and safety set by ESKA METAL,

To follow new technologies and applications in the field of occupational health and safety and to include them in the existing system.