Application Unit

27/111-1000 Sinusoidal Sheet

Due to its aesthetic and stylish design, 27/1000 sinus façade trapeze used as an exterior cladding product; It stands out among other building materials thanks to its high corrosion resistance and long-lasting use. 27/1000 sinus façade trapezoidal, which is produced by cutting galvanized or aluminum alloy materials with appropriate dimensions; Due to its functional and ergonomic structure, it is among the most used products in the construction industry.

Unprocessed Sheet Width 1.000/ 1.200 Mm
Useful Covering Width 800 / 1.000 Mm
Number of Ridges
Ridge Height 27 Mm
Ridge Width 11 Mm
Sheet Thickness 0,35 – 1,00 Mm
Sheet Type Painted Galvaniz – Galvaniz – Alüminyum
Paint Type Polyester – PVDF – Plastisol