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Cassette System Facade Profile

Cassette system facade profile is especially preferred in roof and facade cladding and is used as a sub-cladding profile in on-site application systems. In architectural structures such as prefabricated and steel, cassette system facade profile is used as a direct carrier without the need for an additional load-bearing structure such as construction. Along with the developing technology, cassette system facade profiles are often preferred in roof and facade coatings. The cassette system facade profile also undertakes the task of horizontal carrier, without the need for an additional carrier, especially between the columns on the façade. Cassette system facade profile, which does not require purlin during roof coverings, is also used for roof construction.

Unprocessed Sheet Width 600 – 1.100 Mm
Useful Covering Width 400 – 600 Mm
Ear Height 50 – 200 Mm
Sheet Thickness 0,70 – 1,50 Mm
Sheet Type Painted Galvanized – Galvanized – Aluminum