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RHEINZİNK is a German brand founded in 1842; provides services in the field of roofing and facade cladding materials. RHEINZİNK, which is the most indispensable assistant of the construction industry with its titanium and copper alloy zinc coating products; exhibits an excellent performance in long-lasting building materials. RHEINZİNK, which is at the top even among high quality products; continues to be the best in its sector with its titanium-zinc alloy products.

Usage Area Roof and Facade Cladding
Production Standard DIN EN 1179, 988, 612
Quality Control TÜV Rheinland, Quality Zinc Kriterleri, DIN ISO 9001
Product Specific Gravity 7,20 Gr 7 Cm³
Expansion Coefficient 22 x 10-6K-1
Tensile Strength > 150 N/mm²
Elongation Coefficient Rp0.2 > 100N/mm²
Fire Resistance Class A1 Fireproof Construction Material According to DIN 4102
Melting Point + 419 °C