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High Rib Standing Seam System Roofing

High Rib Standing Seam System Roofing

Standing seam panels may be produced from prepainted galvanised steel sheet, aluminium or titanium zinc in this system.
Despite the fact that the system consists of one piece, it can let the material expansion in length direction and it is more preferrable at wide span buildings. This system, the applicability of which is limited only by the imagination of the architect, is widely used in airports, sports halls, stadiums, etc. due to its high rib and therefore no risk of water isolation. It stands out with its aesthetic and functional features by being used in special buildings.

Advantages of High Rib Standing Seam System

•Circular Panels can be produced starting from1000mm radius
•Wide span roofs can be covered.
•More creative solutions can be provided thanks to aluminium formability.
•Rockwool used between two layers can provide, A class fire resistance that would increase fire safety of building.
•Because of robotic seaming process there will not place for worker failures and provides %100 waterproofing.
•Because of high rib of profiles (65mm), demanded strength can be easily provided at wide spans.
•Because of halter connection details, panels can expand longitudinally during thermal movements.

Application Sections
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