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Angled/Double Locked Standing Seam System Roofing

Angled/Double Locked Standing Seam System Roofing

Roofing; It refers to the materials of the roof of any roofed structure and the processes applied to protect these materials from
external factors. Due to the fact that the assemblying is done with interlocking the metal plates with using concealed clips, system serves an optimum solution at wide spans, circular sections, domes and linear roofs as well as eliminate water leakings which may cause because of screw holes. Further more, because of production is done at site from ridge to eave and eave to ridge in one piece, system is preferrable at wide span roofings and both applicable in slope direction and buildings length direction.


Advantages of Standing Seam System

•There would not be isolation problem related to screw holes because system has concealed screws.
•Standing seam system can be installed as 1 piece from eave to eave on vault roofs.
•It is applicable on roofs with minimum %2 slope. Water proofing is provided with 180 double locked seaming and using seal on the connection points of two trays on the roofs with slope %2 between %5.
•Possible worker faults are prevented by way of robotic seaming process.
•Rockwool used between two layers can provide, A class fire resistance that would increase fire safety of building.
•Provides visual quality to the building with the thin and elegant form of the standing seam.

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