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Trapezoidal Standing Seam System Roofing

Trapezoidal Standing Seam System Roofing

Trapezoidal seam system roofing; is a preferred coating method especially in industrial buildings. In this coating method, the prepared trapezoidal profiles are mounted on the roof and the interlocking ways are fixed to each other.
Trapezoidal Standing Seam system provides all advantages of Single/Double Lock Standing Seam system , as well as it is
applicable at industrial buildings which has wide purlin spans. In this system, since production takes place at site, it is possible to
make one piece panels from ridge to eave. It is preferrable at wide span roongs because of production without cross joints in the roof truss line. Because of trapezoidal standing seam tray has more loading capacity by means of its form, there is no need for additional Z profiles and OSB boards thus more economical and quicker installation can be done.


Advantages of Trapezoidal Standing Seam System

•Applicable for wide purlin ranges
•38mm rib height provides more load bearing capacity.
•Thanks to the high strength of Trapezoidal Standing seam tray, no need to use any flat plate such as OSB, which is used in
angled/double locked standing seam system.
•There would not be isolation problem related to screw holes because system has concealed screws.
•Possible worker faults are prevented by way of robotic seaming process.
•Rockwool used between two layers can provide, A class fire resistance that would increase fire safety of building.

Application Sections
Some Applications Made with Trapezoidal Clamp System