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28/463 Trapezoidal Standing Seam

The 28/463 shaped trapezoidal clamp plate, which is preferred thanks to its long-term durability against different climatic conditions and many other advantages, meets you with its brand new form. The trapezoidal clamp plate in the form of 28/463, optionally prepared from different sizes and materials, can be used with various insulation materials or with non-insulated materials if you wish.

Unprocessed Sheet Width 600 Mm
Useful Covering Width 463 Mm
Number of Ridges 2 Adet
Ridge Height 28 Mm
Ridge Width 152 Mm
Sheet Thickness 0,50 – 1,00 Mm
Sheet Type Painted Galvaniz – Galvaniz – Alüminyum – Bakır – Titanyumlu Çinko